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Training Course

We are now providing Webinars, worldwide, using CHEMCAD simulation software for one to one or group training on the following main topics.

1. Steady State Process Modelling
2. Pipe Networks and Emergency Relief
3. Absorption and Distillation
4. Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
5. Dynamic Process Modelling
6. Process Control

Topics can be mixed to suit requirements, contact [email protected] or [email protected] for further details.


New Releases

First Edition of Process Measurement and Control in Practice is due to be released in November. This is a companion book to the popular Chemical Engineering in Practice.


CHEMCAD New Releases

CHEMCAD New release Version 6.5.6 includes new features to increase calculation speed, improved convergence features, simultaneous heat and mass transfer models in distillation and running Excel Data Maps for each time step in dynamic simulation.


Carbon Capture & Storage

In response to the increasing importance of Carbon Capture and Storage from Power Plant, Chemstations have developed new thermodynamic models for investigations into the viability and economics.

A special K model now allows for the study of Pre-combustion Carbon Capture using adaptations of the Selexol physical solvent absorption process.

An AMINE model is already available for the study of chemical absorption using MEA, DEA and similar mixtures which can be treated as pseudo-components.

A modified Benedict Webb Ruben Starling K model is now available, with special CO2 parameters, for the study of CO2 compression and pipeline transfer to storage.

Chemstations have released a new application note “Power Plant Carbon Capture with CHEMCAD”. This paper is available for download in the White Papers section.

P&I Design have been actively involved in developing CCS simulations in both The Pre-combustion and Post-combustion CCS fields.


Cryogenic Batch Reactor Optimisation Paper

We presented a paper “Cryogenic Batch Reactor Optimisation” at the 2nd Symposium for Computer-aided Process Optimisation held in Hurth, Germany held under the auspices of InfraServ GMBH and Chemstations GMBH.
This paper is available for download in the White Papers section.

This paper is available for download in the White Papers section.

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