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CHEMCAD (steady state)


CHEMCAD represents the basic programme of the CHEMCAD Suite. CHEMCAD is the tool to simulate steady state processes. Once CHEMCAD is installed, you have the capability to acquire add-on programmes.

The flowsheet is created in the user interface of CHEMCAD, the simulation is performed and the results are represented. A library of Unit Operations, which are required to build the flowsheet are provided on a palette.

What can be simulated with CHEMCAD?
Gaseous, liquid and solid processes, rectification, gas washing, absorption and desorption in columns, chemical reactions, heat exchange of fluids with condensation and vaporisation, any phase equilibria with diagrams, transport of gases, liquids, mixed phases in pipes with pump, compressor, valves for pressure drop calculation, solid grinding and separation according to particle sizes and electrolyte reactions.

CHEMCAD is well-known for its easy and clearly structured user interface. CHEMCAD will lead you to a quick successful outcome. It will be a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to demonstrate CHEMCAD to you.

Frequently the unit operations have several symbols with the same algorithm. The data base consists of more than 2000 components, gases, liquids, solids and electrolytes with physical properties from e.g. DIPPR and phase data from e.g. Dechema Data Collection. The engineering units can be adjusted, e.g. SI. Pipe flow calculations are recognised automatically by CHEMCAD. Convergency is achieved by special algorithms. Phase equilibria are calculated with models such as NRTL and UNIFAC. Equations of state models such as Soave-Redlich-Kwong are available. A thermodynamic wizard is available to assist in the selection of the best models based on the components and pressure and temperature parameters.

Many extension possibilities are available such as defining your own components based on the molecular structure, your own data for the calculation of physical properties and algorithms for Unit Operations and a powerful interface to Excel for calculation and reporting purposes.

Typical Applications
→ distillation (rectification)
→ gas washing, absorption and desorption
→ chemical reactions, kinetic and equilibria
→ recycle processes, heat exchange, pressure drop
→ handling of solids
→ neutralisation of acids and alkalis

Advantages of CHEMCAD
→ CAD Flowsheet, easy to use
→ unit operations for gaseous, liquid and solid processes
→ data base with more than 2000 components (gases, liquids, solids and electrolytes)
→ thermodynamic models for VLE, LLE and SLE

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