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CHEMCAD Dynamics Seminar (Online)

07/12/2020 – 09/12/2020
9:00 – 17:00
1st day: £1,250.00
2nd day: £1,250.00
3rd day: £1,250.00
3 day ticket: £3,000.00
2 day ticket: £2,100.00


CHEMCAD Dynamics Seminar is aimed at advanced CHEMCAD users and it is structured in different modules.
We offer two modules per day and you can take part in individual days as well as combining several days.

The seminar covers the following aspects:

  • Introduction
    • Dynamic UnitOps configuration, application an manipulation
    • Simulation set up with equipment sizing and key parameter selection
    • Navigation of results, plot selection and Excel interface
  • Common Plant Processes
    • Tank to tank pressure and pumped liquid transfers
    • Piping network analysis for utility streams
    • Emergency pressure relief on vessels and distillation columns
  • Process Control
    • Introduction to process control techniques and parameters
    • Dynamic simulation with PID controllers and control valves
    • Control loops and parameter selection for common processes
  • Batch Distillation
    • CC-BATCH module operational parameters and sequences
    • Reboiler and column set up with optimisation
    • Process control systems
  • Continuous Distillation
    • Feed, boil up and reflux process control strategies
    • Transfer from steady state to dynamics
    • Study of start-up, transient behaviour and shutdown
  • Batch Reactors
    • Temperature and overhead control configurations
    • Exothermic reaction control techniques
    • Scale up from laboratory to operational plant
  • Process Safety
    • Stress testing of abnormal operational scenarios
    • Thermal runaway reaction behaviour

You can find the detailed agendas for the seminar here.

* All prices exclude VAT @ 20% Documents for the seminar are included in the price.

Lecturer: John Edwards

Registration Deadline: 16. November 2020

Booking Terms:
Cancelations must be sent in writing, by letter or e-mail. Cancelations are free of charge up to 21 days before the start of the seminar.

Overview of cancellation fees:
– From 21 days up to 3 days before the seminar; we will charge you 80% of the participation fee
– Thereafter we will charge you 100% of the participation fee
Alternatively, you can nominate a substitute participant from your company.


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