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CC-FLASH is part of CHEMCAD but also can be acquired as a stand-alone application.

What can be simulated with CC-FLASH?
Phase equilibria including VLE (vapour-liquid-equilibrium), LLE (liquid-liquid-equilibrium), SLE (solid-liquid-equilibrium) of multi component mixtures, dew and bubble points, two phase condition, mixture condition, liquid interfaces graphical presentation of binary and ternary phase equilibria, residue curves, and physical properties of multi component mixtures. User components can be added to the data base.

It is possible to create a simple flowsheet using unit operations contained in CC-FLASH, e.g. a pressure drop reduction with several sequential flashes or a mass balance in a distribution system. All properties of CC-FLASH are part of CHEMCAD.

Unit operations contained in CC-FLASH are: flash, mixer, divider.

A useful feature of CC-FLASH is the presentation of physical properties and phase equilibria allowing the user to obtain important data out of the large data base very quickly for his daily work. The search for components in the data base can be done using name, formulae, CAS number and CHEMCAD ID number.

Typical Applications of CC-FLASH
→ mixing of streams
→ stream dividing
→ phase equilibria

Advantages of CC-FLASH
→ physical properties
→ mixed physical properties up to 200 components
→ vapour-liquid-equilibrium (VLE)
→ liquid-liquid-equilibrium (LLE)
→ solid-liquid-equilibrium (SLE)
→ electrolyte equilibrium
→ data base with more than 2000 components (gases, liquids, solids, electrolytes)
→ models: NRTL, Unifac, SRK, Henry, MEA, DEA, MDEA, Amine etc.

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