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CC-DYNAMICS is available as a stand-alone or add-on application.

When studying mass and energy balances the steady state simulation with CHEMCAD is the programme of choice. But, when studying time dependent processes the add-on programme CC-DYNAMICS is the perfect tool to simulate control processes and the behaviour in columns, equipment and reactors. The most important unit operations in CC-DYNAMICS are the dynamic vessel, batch reactor, dynamic column with hold up, PID controller,
control valve and ramp controller.

What can we simulate with CC-DYNAMICS?
• reaction in a batch reactor with jacket heating and cooling
• level and pressure control in a vessel
• start up and shutdown simulation in distillation and absorption columns
• pressure drop in pipe networks including two phase flow
• emergency relief and flare systems
• filling and draining vessels, e.g. time controlled

The Highlight
If a flowsheet contains steady state unit operations (e.g. flash, pump, valve, etc.) these can be included in the dynamic simulation. Data transfer between Excel and the simulation are achievable during the dynamic run allowing process parameters to be changed using customer algorithms.

The dynamic simulation of processes with CC-DYNAMICS is fast
and realistic. CC-DYNAMICS enables the user to simulate close
to reality. Important details concerning the process and its control
are obtained but also product and physical properties.

Typical Applications of CC-DYNAMICS
→ dynamic simulation of processes
→ dynamic column
→ dynamic batch reactor
→ PID controller
→ control valve
→ ramp controller
→ dynamic vessel

Advantages of CC-DYNAMICS
→ simulation of complex processes
→ distillation, reactor
→ semi batch reactor
→ combination distillation with reactor
→ control processes
→ time controlled processes (batch processes)
→ comprehensive graphical presentation of the simulation

We run special dynamic courses. Please refer to Downloads Section for further details.

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