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The application CC-BATCH can be acquired as a stand-alone version or as an add-on version.

The batch distillation process is chosen in applications involving small volumes of complex multi component mixtures. The batch distillation process has some advantages as compared with a continuous rectification but experience is required to achieve an optimum solution. CC-Batch helps the user to reach this objective quickly.

What can be simulated with CC-BATCH?
CC-BATCH allows a batch distillation, comprising a multi component mixture, to be simulated into fractions. Numerous specifications of fractions are possible enabling the user to simulate close to real conditions. The simulation can determine the optimum conditions for practical use in a short time Conditions can be chosen for each fraction individually, e.g. with respect to time, composition in the distillate, in the product or in the still. During the course of the simulation the amount and concentration flow in the distillate, in the fractions and in the still, as well as the thermal requirements, can be reported graphically.

The calculation is so fast that several recalculations, using different parameters, can be done in order to achieve better results. Thus change over fractions can be minimised, mole fractions maximised and finally the thermal efficiency and timings of the batch distillation can be optimised. This leads to the fact that the optimum solution can be obtained very quickly. CC-BATCH provides many advantages as compared with alternative empirical methods.

It goes without saying that constant and variable reflux ratio operation can be simulated. In the latter case the reflux ratio starts with a low value and increases exponentially. Thus the optimum operating conditions in regards to thermal energy can easily be determined using CC-BATCH.

The fractions are collected in a vessel thus allowing further studyin a steady state simulation.

CC-BATCH offers a great variety of features. Do not hesitate to test it.

Typical Applications of CC-BATCH
→ separation of a multi component mixture
→ specification of a column up to 200 trays
→ formation of fractions
→ variable specification of fractions
→ constant or variable reflux ratio operating mode
→ further treatment of products in CHEMCAD
→ 2-phase condensation

Advantages of CC-BATCH
→ very fast simulation
→ graphical presentation of the results
→ easy to optimise processes

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