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Date: 12 July 2014 / Tags:  Specialty


CHEMCAD is being used extensively in these industry sectors, which make significant use of batch processing techniques. Dynamic models have been developed to study the performance and behaviour of a wide variety of batch reactor utility systems and temperature control modules. This includes the study of refrigeration plant utilities and the development of low temperature cryogenic plant.
The behaviour of exothermic reactions, batch distillation processes and associated overhead condensers and run down coolers has been extensively studied.

Gas scrubbing in packed columns, based on fast chemical reaction, is an important process in these industries and several CHEMCAD models have been developed.

Refer to White Papers MNL034A, MNL052A, MNL054A, MNL053, MNL057, MNL064, MNL067A and MNL068.

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