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Date: 24 February 2013 / Tags:  General


Note to obtain the maximum benefit from the White Papers you will require CHEMCAD.

CHEMCAD is being used extensively in the design, rating and debottlenecking of liquid, gas and mixed phase pipe network systems in all industry sectors. There is an extensive physical property data library of refrigerants and heat transfer fluids and user components can readily be created for aqueous mixtures. (Refer to White Papers MNL063B and MNL067A)

The design and rating of Local Extract Ventilation and associated extract fans and scrubbing systems has been carried out.

CHEMCAD has very powerful facilities for studying the behaviour of relief devices and the associated blowdown and flare pipe networks in steady state or dynamically. Relief device sizing and rating is in accordance with DIERS technology. (Refer to White Papers MNL036, MNL043A and MNL058A)

CHEMCAD is being used for the design and rating of shell and tube heat exchangers in liquid-liquid, vapour-liquid (heating, boiling and condensation) applications. The heat exchanger configuration is simulated in the overall process model allowing for network analysis and optimisation.
(Refer to White Papers MNL032A and MNL066)


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