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Most processes in the chemical, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical and environmental process technologies can be simulated using CHEMCAD™ simulation software by Chemstations Inc. of Houston.

The entire CHEMCAD Suite, with its add-on modules, offers a powerful and efficient range of simulation capability. Each module can be acquired as a stand-alone version or as an add-on version to the main programme CHEMCAD. CC-SAFETY NET and CC-FLASH are already included in CHEMCAD.

Simulation with CHEMCAD is based on a large database including more than 2000 components for gases, liquids, solids and electrolytes. Extensive thermodynamic models are available to calculate phase equilibrium and a graphical palette of common unit operations complete the user-friendly modern and intuitive interface of the CHEMCAD SUITE.

The Experience

Throughout the world, many processes are being simulated successfully with CHEMCAD and giving excellent comparisons with reality. Based on this even established processes can be improved and optimised, thus avoiding expensive plant studies. From initial concept CHEMCAD is used in plant simulation in order to verify the realisation of an idea. When using CHEMCAD a process goal is achieved within a very short timescale avoiding expensive laboratory or pilot plant trials.

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